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We are all teachers of children. Parents are a child's very first teacher, and throughout life the parent is the most influential. The lessons learned from the parent remain with a person for life. Therefore, parents are not only a child's first teachers, but also his/her best teacher. What parents do and say will often be mirrored in children. The responsibility for raising children in a world that is changing so rapidly is at the least very great.

There are certain characteristics in adults that seem to enhance ones chances for being successful. These characteristics are other-centered. courageous, judicious, and resourceful. Other-centered rather than self-centered is the quest to get the right things done in the right way at the time. Courage is the characteristic to chart unfamiliar territory and to be oneself. The third characteristic is judicious. Basically, a judicious person has good judgment. A judicious person is able to set priorities in his/her life. The last characteristic is resourceful. Resourcefulness is a commitment to deliver the goods; learning to think beyond the obvious; training oneself to be a facilitator, and the discipline to exercise a vision. A person who possesses a vision of what can be or ought to be will travel many successful miles in life.

As parents we desire our children possess these four attributes. It is imperative that school and parents work very closely together to assure that students, through the dynamics of home and school, will acquire and be able to use successfully those tools that will enable our children to be productive citizens in our society.

I hope you will feel free to call on us and members of the staff for assistance during the school year.


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Model Core Curriculum Web Sites

Web site #1: Iowa Department of Education provides a copy of the Iowa Core Curriculum along with resources.

Web site #2: Iowa Department of Education provides access to the Iowa Core Content Standards and Benchmarks for grade level ranges at the elementary and secondary in math, science and literacy.

Web site #3: Iowa Department of Education provides copies of the School Leaders Update which is a monthly publication including a monthly update on the Iowa Core Curriculum.

Web site #4: Iowa Model Core Curriculum provides copies of the concepts and skills of all five areas and examples of lessons for science, math and literacy.

Web site #5: Iowa Public Television # 75Iowa Public Television # 76, and Iowa Public Television # 77 provides copies of the ICN sessions explaining the focus for science, math and literacy and the application of the Iowa Core Curriculum to special education students.

Youth and Shelter Services INC.

Iowa State University Extension: Family Nutrition Program

21 Century Rehab: is an Iowa and family owned practice that is dedicated in providing quality therapy services. Our primary focus is constant: to work with our patients on a one-to-one basis and provide each patient with the best resources for achieving their goals and restoring each back to their highest level of function

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